3x5' superknit polyester

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We are the headquarters for Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Flags 

We offer COMMERCIAL QUALITY 200 denier NYLON 12th man flags made in the USA. 

High resolution single sided reverse image* digital printing.
Each flag is finished with a heavy canvas heading and grommets.
Fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitched construction. Each fly corner is reinforced with back tacking stitch. Any custom flag not made out of nylon is not the best.
No one makes a better flag.
3×5 ft        $  49.00 *
4×6 ft        $  72.00 *
5×8 ft        $ 111.00 *
6×10 ft     $ 196.00 *
8×12 ft     $340.00 *
* The prices above are a Grand Total that normally covers: shipping (USPS 1st class or priority mail) and any taxes. However, in order to replenish our stock before the Super Bowl we are incurring rush shipping charges from the factory so all flags are subject to an additional 10% shipping charge.
That will enable us to still get the flags out to you the same day or the next day.
Thanks for looking.

Call 425-956-3993 to get yours today. frank@franksflagstore.com

Budget conscious or don’t need the durability of nylon?… see the superknit page on this site. Click on the superknit heading UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER. You may be amazed at what you can get for $17.00.

* All our flags are single sided reverse image flags (as are most flags). On those flags the design is acid dyed (very similar to screen printing) on one side of the flag. In a quality shop all the colors and images bleed through to the other side but on that “back” side the design is a reversed (mirror) image of the “front” side.  Most flags are constructed as single sided flags.

WANT A LOWER COST 3X5 ft. FLAG OF GOOD QUALITY?…Look at our superknit page on this site. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for $17.00.